We were contacted by someone whose house was being heated by an electric forced-air furnace with duct work running through the crawl space. They wanted a lower electric bill, a more even distribution of heat throughout their home, and better air quality. And moreover, they traveled a lot and needed to be able to control the temperature of their house remotely. Green City installed a high-efficient heat pump system, variable speed air handler, a Merv 16 filter cabinet, and a new thermostat with Wi-Fi capability.


A quieter and more even heating system that lowered their utility bills 40%, as well as providing much better air quality. The Wi-Fi allowed them to control their system from all their mobile devices, giving them easy access to the temperature control in their home. And what’s more, the heat pump system also makes their home cool and comfortable in the summer. Needless to say, Green City gained yet another satisfied customer!

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