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Keeping Warm with Lennox and Green City

seattle-7584-1920x1200In case you haven’t noticed, it’s mid-winter here in the Pacific Northwest (and unlike last year, we’ve actually had some freezing temps and snow!).

Cold temperatures and wintry wonderlands are great, but their beauty can turn very quickly to annoyance when they are no longer looked at from within a warm home but are felt inside it. We at Green City are especially sensitive to this problem, which is why we have a proven track record of over 30 years fixing it.

IMG_0087A few members of our team recently visited the Lennox factory in Marshalltown, Iowa, this last autumn and had a wonderful time touching base with some of the industry leaders behind one of our most trusted furnace brands. As a special treat, we even got to see the very first furnace that Dave Lennox ever created! Yes, I’m sure we sound like total geeks right now, but what can we say? Providing warm and cozy homes is our passion!

When it gets cold in Seattle and Tacoma, Green City’s got your back.

Whether it’s the installation of a whole new furnace system or the maintenance of the one you already have, Green City Heating and Air will provide the absolute best in service and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts has been at this for a long time, and we are committed to pinpointing problems and suggesting affordable solutions to ensure that this beautiful Northwest winter stays where it belongs: outside your home and not in it!

Feeling those cold mornings a bit too much? Have questions about our heating systems? Need a free quote? Give Green City a call today!

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