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Heating and Cooling with Cutting-Edge Technology

modern-technology-smartphone-23018633The Pacific Northwest is one of the technology capitals of the world, and we who live here sort of take our tech for granted. Many of us have become so accustomed to technological advances that only a decade ago blew our minds that we’ve become increasingly cynical and difficult to impress. Smart phones? Streaming services? One-click purchasing? Been there, done that.

H o w e v e r . . . .

We at Green City still manage to implement advances in heating and air conditioning systems that leave us no choice but to sincerely pat ourselves on the back. 

A great example is our geo-fencing functionality. What is a geo-fence? Simply put, a geo-fence is an invisible wall around your neighborhood that, when crossed, alerts your heating and cooling system to your comings and goings. So rather than either spending extra money heating or cooling your home when you’re not even there or having to remember to adjust your temps before you leave the house, a Green City system with geo-fence technology will just sense when you’ve left and when you’ve come back, and adjust your temps accordingly. And if you want to monitor the temperature of your home remotely, you can do so using the Green City app on your mobile device.

Come on, just admit it: you’re impressed! Give the professionals at Green City Heating and Air a call today and one of our technicians will be happy to answer your questions and give you a free quote.




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