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Yes, You DO Need Air Conditioning in the Northwest!


Believe it or not, but just the other day I was sitting in my front yard in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops reading a book in the sun. In February. In Seattle.

Now as a non-native to the Northwest I have grown accustomed to hearing people express surprise (and a measure of pity) when I tell them I now live up here: “Washington? Yikes. How do you handle the cold, the grey skies, and the rain?”

Good questions, but a bit outdated.

Along with the rest of the planet the Pacific Northwest is getting warmer. In fact, last summer was our hottest on record (and snow in the winter is becoming increasingly rare).

It is time to consider an air conditioning system for your home.

There was a day when western Washingtonians would have scoffed at the suggestion that AC is necessary in this region, but with more and more uncomfortably hot summer nights those scoffs are quickly turning into nods of agreement (and those of you with west-facing homes recognize this need all too well!).

Spring is upon us, and summer is right behind it. Call Green City Heating and Air today to enquire about our air conditioning solutions and request a free estimate for your home. Say goodbye to those sweaty and sleepless summer nights, and hello to the cool comfort that an AC system from Green City can provide!

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