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Out with the Oil, In with the Natural Gas

At Green City, one of our favorite things about the Seattle and Tacoma areas is the abundance of beautiful old Craftsman homes. The moldings, the front porches, and the (sometimes) slanted floors of these century-old houses provides a charm that you often don’t see in a McMansion.

There is a drawback, however: The out-of-date heating system.

As any owner of an older home knows, houses used to be heated with oil, and oil heating systems are notoriously inefficient. Rooms are heated unevenly, creating an inconsistency to the comfort level of the house. And what’s more, when the heater has to work extra hard to heat certain rooms then the well-insulated ones become too hot. And don’t forget, this all costs a pretty penny!

Green City to the rescue!

With over 30 years in the heating and air conditioning business, we have done our fair share of updating older homes with more state-of-the-art heating systems. For example, we recently helped a Seattle couple convert their newly-purchased Craftsman from oil to natural gas—we installed a natural gas meter and replaced all the old equipment with a cutting edge Lennox high-efficiency gas furnace, gas water heater, and natural gas lines to the range, patio, and BBQ.

This update saved them 50% on their monthly utility bill, provided a much quieter furnace, cleaner air, and a more consistent distribution of heat to their home

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