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Winter, Warmth, and Wi-Fi

With winter in full swing in the Northwest, our furnaces warm our families but also can sting our pocketbooks. Simply put, the more you use your furnace the higher your monthly bills get, and if your heating system is old or in disrepair, the worse will be the sting.

Green City Heating and Air can help!

Most likely, your house is heated by an electric forced-air furnace whose duct work runs through the home’s crawl space. Further, we’d wager that there are several hours during the day when your home is empty, right? This means that you are either spending more money than you’d like heating an empty house, or you spend your first 30 minutes when you get home shivering while your house is warming up.

What if you could control your home’s thermostat remotely from your mobile device?

Green City has helped several homeowners in the Seattle and Tacoma areas by installing high-efficient heat pump systems with a variable speed air handler, a Merv 16 filter cabinet, and a new thermostat with Wi-Fi capability.

This has not only resulted in a 40% reduction is these families’ utility bills, but it also has significantly improved their homes’ air quality.

Give Green City a call today and find out how we can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your pocketbook with thank us!

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