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The Hydronic Heating Option

Ever heard of hydronic heating? Didn’t think so. . . .

Simply put, hydronic heating is a way of warming your home that uses hot water instead of air. Many people don’t realize this, but water is a better conductor of heat than air is, and a Green City hydronic heating system takes advantage of water’s superior conductive properties to heat your home more efficiently.

How does it work?

A standard forced-air system simply blows hot air into a room (and as you know, hot air rises). A hydronic heating system from Green City warms an entire room evenly by heating not air, but objects, thereby providing maximum comfort for you and your family.

Got questions? Give us a call.

Green City has been providing the absolute best in boiler and hydronic heating service, repair, and installation for the Seattle area for years. Whatever your boiler or hydronic heating system needs, the experts at Green City Heating and Air Conditioning are prepared and ready to meet them.

Enquire with Green City today about whether a hydronic system is the best option for you and your home!

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